Unknow User under ACL

  • Maybe some one has an idea.

    Every day I have the problem that I can not access the shared folders from the NAS on my PC, as it looks like the password was wrong.

    The system was also accessable over FTP from outside.

    Now, after change my password on the system, I ha´ve also check the ACL and found 2 Names that I have not setup, 1004 and 1005, that are also not show as User.

    And a shared folder names Daten, but this one I can not map to my system.

    Was 1004 / 1005 something from the Openmediavault, as it also was not visible as a User and can not delete?


  • 1004 and 1005 could be users that once were there, but are no longer existant. IDs may stay on folders, even when the user is deleted. You can use the resetperms Plugin to get rid of those entries.



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