Using OMV for Backups (Acronis Images and Apple Timemachine) - Best setup on Rpi4 with two USB3 drives

  • Hello:

    I just setup a Rpi 4, 4gb and two External, self powered USB3 WD 4GB drives. My goal was to do Raid 0 as I don't really need performance or mirroring. Its simply for weekly backups, large files. No media streaming, etc. Gigabit network connected. I found in the setup you cannot do raid 0 on the Pi hardware without add-ins.

    I am hoping to create one large volume (4g x 2 + ~8gb) or disk to be used for both Timemachine and Acronis image backups. Acronis backups will have a folder and Time machine another folder.

    What is the best format for this use case and how can I join both disk to appear as one volume. After that, can I tell Timemachine to only use a folder on that volume and limit its size.. (I know, more of a mac question).

    Thank you in advance. I will be reading the various other posts but its getting confusing quickly :)

    Maybe I did not need to use Rpi4 for this application of OMV?

  • You can create filesystems on the two disks (ext4) and then merge them with the unionfilesystem plugin from omv-extras.

    The plugin makes it possible to mount several drives under a single mount point.

    The plugin is based on mergerfs.

    RAID0 is your worst option. One drive fails, you loose all your data. With unionfilesystem you "only" loose the data on the drive that failed.

    You need additional backup.

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