Moving from Flash Drive to SSD

  • Hi Forum,

    I've been really getting into OMV first on a pi but I've been testing it on a x86 server and I gotta say I'm liking it a lot (even started recommending it) and I'm now at the point were i want to move the OS from the flash drive I've been testing it on to a fresh 2.5" SSD. I've just recently explored backing up the OS using the default "System > Backup" settings and noted it just does a full disk copy using DD, I love this and am thinking of just writing it straight to the SSD and calling it a day.

    My question's here are mainly:

    Is this a good idea?

    Whats the recommended migration process?

    Is there documentation that I'm just failing to find online about this? (all I can find is people arguing)

    Any help is greatly appreciated as I'm about to set one up for a colleague and I just know he'll have the same questions/

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