custom postfix configuration (persistent)

  • Hi everyone,

    I get the following mail every day:

    I searched for this error and found a fix by applying the following fix:…bounce-of-smtputf8-emails

    Because openmediavault is managing the `` of postfix, I cannot apply the fix directly in the config.

    I found the following thread touching the same topic. But it seems this is still an old mkconfig fix:

    custom postfix configuration for local email

    What's the best way of applying custom config entries for postfix with OMV 5?

  • Thank you votdev !

    I had to do a minor correction, after this it was accepted by omv-salt. I will see tomorrow if the email will stop being sent.

    Above code runs into error on my version of SaltStack:

    salt.exceptions.SaltInvocationError: 'contents' is an invalid keyword argument for 'file.append'

    Changing it to the following fixed it:

    - name: "/etc/postfix/"
    - text: smtputf8_enable = no
  • raws99

    Added the Label resolved

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