Fatal error trying to install Dockstarter

  • I am following the Dockstarter tutorial by Technodadlife and reached the point where he said nano needs to remove 'noexec' from mntent.

    I followed the instructions and removed it but when i then tried to access omv via a browser got

    Fatal error 76: Opening and ending tag mismatch: ntent line 356 and mntent (line=365, column=16)

    I returned to mntent and reintroduced noexec into it's previous place but still got the same error.

    I noticed that the Teechnodadlife video showed mntent in yellow followed by mntent in white. When I did it there was mntent in yellow followed by ntent in white.

    You can tell I don't know what I'm doing but need to recover OMV.

    1. always make a copy of a system file before editing it
    2. it is safer to change noexec to exec than removing it completely
    3. common mistake is to introduce a "space"
    4. after you change config.xml you need to deploy the change

    This is how a section looks on my system. Might help you to find the mistake


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