Virtual Machine with Cockpit with Networking set to Direct Attachment issue.

  • As the title says, I have a Windows 10 VM running using Cockpit (installed via OMV5 extras)

    Set the Network Interface to Direct Attachment and that was able to get a Network IP directly from my router and able to ping other computers on the same network.

    The problem is, It seems I wasnt able to connect to OMV at all, no ICMP response, network shares not showing up or connecting. Same deal with OMV it self, I ssh to the OMV box and ping the Windows 10 VM IP address and no response as well.

    tl;dr, I can access the network just fine except my OMV NAS.

    any suggestions or things that I can do to make the VM and NAS able to talk to each other? Im also planning to run a firewall software on a VM as well (pfsense) but given that the VM wasnt able to directly communicate to and from NAS, so I stop that implementing for now.

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