FTP issues

  • Hi team,

    I have some folders from a old installation that I'm not able to delete via SMB, them I decided to activate a FTP server with access to the root of this HDD. (SATA connection)

    When I try to access with my credential thru Filezilla, and using the port 21, I don't have access: "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by the server"

    I checked the forum, and I saw that sometimes the port 21 is used buy other, and I can use port 22.

    When I changed to Port 22 in the FTP configuration, my surprise was that I don't have access to the Shared FTP Disk, and I'm able to see the Root of the OS disk(Usb Stick) ¿?

    I thought that I did something wrong, but also, when the FTP Service is not enabled, I can Access thru port 22 to the OS disk.

    Is it normal? or the Port 22 must be not able to receive connections when the FTP Service is not enabled?


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