smb guest share issues

  • hi there

    I have 2 smb shares setup on my raspberry pi 4 one is guest which holds my movies and tv.

    And the other is password protecting.

    My laptop is running pop os 20.04

    I'm having issue copying folders onto the guest shares its error is saying cant create directory doesnt exist.

    Just wondering if anyone has come across this issue.

  • I have the same problem maybe. I can connect by user an password, but not as guest without a password. The Folder structure looks like:


    Data->Data A

    Data->Date B

    Data->Data C

    I have a shared folder for Data by User A and User B. And I have a shared folder Data->Music by "Permission: Everyone: read/write" like described on the getting started guide page 44.

    Further I created the SMB/CIFS share for //Host/Data and for //Host/Music

    I can connect to both network shares fine by the User A and B. I use mount -t cifs -o username=User A //hoste/music /mnt/music for that.

    If I connect by mount -t cifs //hoste/music /mnt/music it ask for root password on //Host. If i type nothing or something it will quit by


    [] CIFS VFS: Send error in QFSUnixInfo = -13
    [] CIFS VFS: Send error in QFSAttributeInfo = -13
    [] CIFS VFS: cifs:mount failed w/return code = -13
    mount error(13): Permission denied

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