How to resize EXT4-Filesystem with OMV ?

  • Hi.

    I use a hardware raid, added a new hd and have grown it.

    OMV recognizes the the capacity change:

    NAS kernel: [64759.934844] sdd: detected capacity change from 11999967707136 to 15999956942848

    But when I try to resize the filesystem nothing happens an I get this entry in my systemlog:

    NAS CRON[27854]: (root) CMD (/usr/sbin/omv-mkrrdgraph >/dev/null 2>&1)

    So do I have to boot into GParted and resize it or is there any way to do this in OMV ?

  • You don't say how you are trying to resize the filesystem.

    There is nothing unusual about that CRON message you see in your log. It will be seen every fifteen minutes.

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  • Because OMV uses a partition for single drives (what hardware raid presents itself as), you have to resize the partition before resizing the filesystem. This is not possible from the omv web interface for numerous reasons. gparted is your safest choice. If you use hardware raid and think you will expand an array in the future, I would use lvm without partitions to make this much easier.

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