NextCloud Stuck at Welcome to our server page

  • Hi everyone, I have followed @TechnoDadLife's youtube video on installing Nextcloud, Let's encrypt and mariadb with via docker, which didn't go like his video ( My problem is constantly reaching this Screenshot-2020-08-14-at-1-02-17-AM.png">

    I tried to connect to the local ip with 192.168.1.XX:443 or 192.168.1.XX:82 but have no success just to get to the setup page of Nextcloud and will bring me to the same page. So I would like to see if anyone have the same issue and had a solution to this problem.

    My configuration is OMV 5.5.5-1 on raspberry pi 4 4gb.

    My nextcloud.subdomain.conf file is set as the following:

    If you like anymore information that can help, please state it in a comment and I'll post it. Thanks in advance

    Update: I am able to get to the configure page by adding a port for NextCloud 444:443 in Portainer. Seems like the problem is Letsencrypt not connecting towards Nextcloud and I hope someone can help me figure it out

  • jaytee1414

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  • Hi,

    You should check the following:

    - The nextcloud config.php configuration is correct.

    - Restart nextcloud container.

    - The letsencrypt container is called "letsencrypt".

    - Restart the letsencrypt container after renaming the nextcloud.subdomain.conf.sample file.

    - The mariadb, letsencrypt, nextcloud and duckdns containers on the same custom brigde network.

  • I added duckdns to the bridge network, but it didn't work, spellings of containers seems to be fine.

    This is my config.php for nextcloud i added a few lines according to nextcloud.subdomain.conf thing but not sure if would help or harm. (original and edited still doesnt lead to it working tho...:

    Anything i can try? like time zone or anything.... just feel like letsencrypt is the thing blocking the external communication to the nextcloud thing, ports are forwarded

  • Duckdns address is wrong.

    It should be:



    server_name nextcloud.*; ---> server_name mycloud.*;

    config.php nextcloud:

    'trusted_proxies' => ['letsencrypt'],

    'overwrite.cli.url' => '',

    'overwritehost' => '',

    'overwriteprotocol' => 'https',

    array (

    0 => '', # This line may look different on your setup, don't modify it.

    1 => '',

    restart nextcloud and letsencrypt containers.

  • I reinstalled omv 5 started all over again but still end up the same situation

    mariadb, letsencrypt, nextcloud and duckdns in the same bridge, port forwarding done... anything else i should try?

  • jaytee1414

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  • I am having the same issues as you are but i'm a beginner OMV5 and not sure how to add a port for NextCloud 444:443 in Portainer. if you could add the steps you took to do this I will be one step closer to getting it up and running. Words will not be able to express my gratitude ...IM pulling my hair out :)

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