Error adding NFS shares after hitting "Apply"

  • Hi folks

    long time, low issue user, with intermediate *nix skills :)

    Recently did a clean install of OMV5.5.7-1, and re-attached my SW RAID array which was set up in 4.x (mounted through the GIU) after install and initial config. Created new shared folders, SAMBA/CIFS share no problem, created users, groups etc. all good. I can access the SAMBA shares no problem.


    When I enabled NFS and added the shares I encountered two problems:

    1. Enabling NFS kept giving me an internal server error - clearing my browser cache sorted that out.
    2. Now whenever I add a share in the NFS config screen, and hit the "apply" button to apply those changes I get the following error.

    Any guidance and ideas for #2 are most welcome - if there's more info needed let me know

    [UPDATE #1] - Just tried to edit my network config as I have two NICs configured on DHCP, and so wanted to disable one. After hitting "Apply" I got an almost identical error, but a few lines differed (Second pos in code snippet below).

  • Code snippet for second error per above:

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