How to update Plex Media Server

  • Hi everyone, I am using OMV 4 with the Plex Media Server plug-in from OMV-Extras.

    I received an email recently from Plex that I must update my server immediately. I check for OMV updates regularly, but my Plex home page continually tells me there is a new version available. It looks like I am running 1.12.x which I believe dates from around March 2018 - I need to get to 1.15.x ASAP.

    However, I have been unable to update the PMS to a newer version, I have updated the sources list with public main, added the Plex PGP key and run apt update.

    Then, when I attempt to install the latest PMS deb package, plexmediaserver-annapurna_1.20.1.3252-a78fef9a9_armel.deb, I get the following error:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:

    plexmediaserver-annapurna:armel : Depends: readynasos:armel (>= 6.6.0) but it is not installable

    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

    I have not been able to find out much about this readynasos package and how it relates to OMV. Can anyone suggest how I can get to a newer version of Plex? Would upgrading to OMV 5.x help? Please be gentle as I am quite inexperienced with Linux ;)

    Many thanks, Alain

  • Yes, because you mentioned a *.deb file which is for armel.

    OMV4 and Debian 9 (OMV4 is based on Debian 9 / Stretch) are end of life. I assume the same applies to Raspbian Stretch.

    So, update to OMV5 (based on Debian 10 / Buster) might be a good move. But on OMV5 you will not find the Plex Plugin. You have two options:

    a// use docker

    b// install on Debian/Raspbian OS alongside OMV.

    There are plenty of tutorials how to install Plex on RPI, e.g.

    for docker there is a video from TDL and this guide [How-To] Install Plex Media Server (PMS) container using OMV and docker-compose

    If you want to stay on OMV4, I would remove the Plex plugin and install Plex from the start using one of the options above.

    If you want to install w/o docker please note, there is no need to download and install a *.deb file. After you added a repo you can install it using "sudo apt install ..." as mentioned in the tutorial

  • Thank you so much macom, I really appreciate it. I installed OMV and Plex on top of Raspberry Pi OS and after a couple of hiccups (OMV removed pi user from ssh group and mounting HD in OS makes it unavailable in OMV) everything is working perfectly. :D

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