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    Hello, I am trying to develop a NAS server from a small pc that I was using before just surfing the internet, there was over 500gb (128gb SSD and 500gb HDD).
    After having developed the os open media vault when I go to see interface to manage everything it only detects me the 128gb SSD without the hdd, which means I can't do anything.
    I looked for how to fix this problem but it cannot be found.
    Please if someone can help me that would be really nice!
    (The hard drive worked perfectly when I was under windows)
  • In fact i am very sorry but i was wrong that don't was 500go but 50go

    So the 50 go i see them on the disks but i can't select any disks on any action i can do, like if i want to create a share file when that show me the devices offered i can select nothing

  • Oh and i was have another question ^^", do external hard drive are good for the nas ? Because i was see when i was put a usb key that was sey no usb, so if i take an external HDD i put in USB that don't work ?

  • OK, not really sure on the language, so I'm gonna take a wild ass guess here.

    /dev/mmc, I'm pretty sure is your OS drive. This looks to me to be normal. Not sure what the vfat partition is, but the swap partition looks normal, and I'm assuming the other ext4 partition, is your root partition.... Again, perfectly normal to not be able to use this for data like you're trying to do.

    Now the question becomes the ntfs drive (sda). I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like your drive label is "New Volume". As I recall, OMV has issues with drive names/labels that have spaces. Does this drive have data? It would be smarter to back the drive up and format it to a Linux file system. Is it safe to assume if you click that ntfs partition, the "Mount" button doesn't light up and allow you to mount the drive

    Air Conditioners are a lot like PC's... They work great until you open Windows.

  • Thank you for your response !
    Oh yes sorry for my bad english

    Yes the label was "New Volume", when i click on "Mount" for sda2 that say me "The filesystem label contains blanks."
    So i delete all of the data for create the file good, and that work :)

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