Nextcloud installation with Docker and portainer Problem

  • Hello,

    This is my first message about my new NAS (DIY xeon with 2 x 4To raid1) and my first steps with OMV (5).

    No problem with the OMV installation (thanks TechnoDad Life) and Reverse proxy with let'sencript (Thanks DB tech) but big problems with the nexcloud installation.

    A lot of Tutorials and templates or staks use DuckDNS and I don't want it because I've got my own domain.

    I've found this video of DB Tech (thanks again) which use a portainer stack but even if the deployment is OK, I've got an error when I try to open nextcloud (Error 403) in my browse (http://myip:8080).

    see attached pictures.

    I don't know what to do. I've read lot of things about Ownership and permissions (My nextcloud folder is owned by www-data) and about apache configuration but I can't find httpd.conf.

    Is there someone to help me ?


  • Hello,

    For my last try, my stack compose file is :

    I've create a docker1 user (puid 1004)

    When I try to connect, I've got :

    an idea ?


  • Hello,

    Thanks for your answer.

    I've already installed nginx proxy manager :

    and my router : publicIP:443 =>

    I've just looked the container log and there's a lot of :

    s6-applyuidgid: fatal: unable to exec php7: Permission denied

    an idea ?


  • Hello Morlan,

    Yes my user docker1 has permissions on my folder.

    I'm tired. I've tried millions of things, saw hundreds of posts and youtube without results since tuesday.

    It seem difficult to install nextcloud behind a reverse proxy and letsencript with docker...

    I don't really understand how docker works.

    My holidays are over and tomorow I go back to work... I give up for now.

    Maybe next Week-end...

    Thanks again to people who have answered me.


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