OMV5 error while creating network interfaces

  • Hello, i made today the updates of OMV5 to the version 5.5.9-1.

    I used to have a PCIe ethernet board i was using the network ports and i wanted to remove it from the PC and use the internal ports. I'm trying to initiate them in the network/interface menu, OMV5 is seeing the interfaces but when i try to close and save an error appears (like below).

    Could you give me some hints to solve this issue ?

    Best Regards

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  • Could you plese explain how you setup the system? Did you install an older configuration file afterwards? I'm really wondering how users run into this issue because the database is migrated whenever a new package update is installed. All users like you running into this issue seem to install an older backup of the configuration file which does not met the new database schema.

    You need to migrate it by running omv-confdbadm migrate conf 5.0.0.

  • votdev

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  • Hello votdev , sorry i did not see your answer as notification did not work. How i made the setup :

    1/ i instaled a fresh version of OMV5 including the PCIE card with the 2 interfaces and it works like a charm.

    2/ i tried to enable the interfaces on the mother boards that never been initiated and problem is appearing.

    I'm not sure to understand why you think i migrated as i installed from scratch.

    The issue is not resolved.

  • Patatorz

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  • If you have installed OMV from scratch it is not possible that the database error openmediavault.json.schema.SchemaValidationException: tls: Invalid value '0', allowed values are 'none, ssl, starttls, auto'. occurs because this change has been made in 5.2.0 and the latest ISO is 5.3.9. If you've installed OMV using an ARM image, this should also not happen because the latest package is installed. If you've installed an OMV version < 5.2.0 the database is migrated automatically. So, this error should NEVER appear, only if you install an older database file from an OMV < 5.2.0. I've tested the migration by installing 5.1.3 and upgraded to the latest version.

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