No more access to my NAS nore the OMV web interface

  • Hello,

    I just came back from holidays and I don't understand what has been changed on my network configuration but I'm unable to access to my NAS.

    (During the first days of my holidays I could use my Plex media server installed on the server, then the remote access stopped. I thought that my router has been turned off. But when I came back, the router and the NAS were online.)

    I can't access to the OMV web interface. I don't see the NAS on my network. And my connection is refused when I'm trying to access to it by SSH with the terminal.

    On my router web interface I can see that the NAS is on the network, its IP address hasn't changed (Angry IP Scanner find it too).

    I tried to reboot the NAS, to reboot the router, and to restart the default config of the router. But the problem is still here, no access ?(

    If someone has an idea about what happened and how I could resolve it will be very helpfull.

    Thank you ✌️

    Odroid HC2 - armbian - OMV5 ✌️

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