nut-upsc-ups Fails to Start Notifications

  • I have my RasPi4 hooked up via USB to a CyberPower 850VALCD UPS. I noticed that after shut down and restart of the Pi (via tapping the power switch), I always receive a series of notifications saying the nut-upsc-ups fails to restart. The notifications are included below:

    Service: nut-upsc-ups
    Event: Status failed
    Description: status failed (1) -- Init SSL without certificate database
    Error: Driver not connected

    The nut-upsc-ups is always able to restart itself but I rather not receive these notifications every time. I searched and one solution suggested was to increase the polinterval value which I did but i still receive the notifications. My current configurations are:

    driver = usbhid-ups
    port = auto
    vendorid = 0764
    pollinterval = 80

    Can anyone please help? Thank you.

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