Setting SSL to use already generated certs from files

  • Hi,

    I could not find solution for this, both on forum and on my own, so here is what I want to do.

    I have LetsEncrypt running in docker (I configured it way back on QNAP, now I'm moving to OMV and I still want to use It as a docker container) providing certs for other docker containers and I want to use this certs also on OMV web ui. Problem is I don't want to update certs every time certs are renewed.

    So I just want simple solution, point web ui SSL (nginx ?) to use certs from provided path. Problem is:

    - there is no option in GUI to do that (only certs from "repo" are allowed),

    - there is no way to "import" certs to certs "repo" as path to file (so they automatically pulled every time they got renewed),

    - there is no way to change configs manually because they are overwritten from GUI

    I tried to generate certs from GUI and then remove cert files and replace them with symlinks but It seems it doesn't work.

    Is there any solution to this ? If currently it is impossible how big of a chance is there that someone will add that feature to SSL configuration in GUI (simple path to files instead of cert repo).

  • In this guide you show how to import it one time, every time cert renewal proces starts Imported cert become obsolete (or maybe I'm wrong ?) :(

    I would like to see something like in pyMedusa (or Sickrage/SickChill).

    Normally I use Traefik for all my containers so there is no http access to them, but for OMV WEB UI I don't want to use it because if something goes wrong with Trafik I will lose access to server (through WEB).

    I have few other things I need to configure first (transferring from broken QNAP to self build NAS with OMV) so I don't have much time to fiddle with it right now.

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