FTP: Error when trying to turn FTP OFF!

  • Hi all,

    I already managed to get a FTP server running earlier (SFTP and FTP are installed, SFTP is off, FTP daemon is on.

    So I think the share is OK.

    However, if I only want to switch the FTP off, I get this in the dialog box:

    Any ideas?

    This is a x86 installation 5.5.9-1, quite vanilla.



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  • ande

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  • Thanks a lot, that was it.

    I don't know why but the hostname was configured as "plethi.local" in OMV instead of just "plethi" - while the hostname was only "plethi". I'm quite sure I didn't configure that because my other server has just the name but well...

    It would be great if OMV could integrate a check for the hostname right where we are supposed to enter it I guess.

  • I haven't dont an iso install in a while, do you remember if the hostname was setup autmatically or there is a prompt an you entered plethi.local?

    Because if the installer is appending local automatically to the hostname in the db, that means there might be something to correct there as you can see the error triggers in a new install.

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  • Your citation says "cannot find mountpoint for disk "HDSAN" " - is the disk missing or not mounted in "filesystems"? Your question has nothing to do with FTP, please open a new post.

  • subzero79 Thank you for asking!

    I had been asked to enter a hostname in the installation script as far as I can remember. And from the fact the hostname is correctly set in /etc/hostname etc. (without the .local appendage) I deduce I should have typed it in correctly. However, I can't be 100% sure..

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