• I have a raspberryPI 4, OMV 5 with MiniDLNA server. I also have a Windows10 PC running a DLNA server. The DLNA clients I use are my smart TV using a wired ethernet connection and Firestick using a wi-fi connection. All on the same network.

    I have set the port on the OMV to 8200 and then to 8201, In each case, I can see both the DLNA servers on the Firestick clients, but only the OMV server on the TV client.

    How does a DLNA client know to which servers it should connect? Also, does my TV client abandon trying to find another server once it has found one? Do the wired and wi-fi ethernet connections make any difference?

    If I switch off 'enabled' on the OMV, the clients on Firestick see the Windows media files but the TV client sees nothing.

    I am confused.

  • Two or more DLNA Server in one subnet (network) it is not a problem. Don’t change the ports of the DLNA server. Normally the client discover all DLNA Server in a network and you can connect by LAN or WLAN. Maybe you can install VLC on a device and testing if you see both and can connect to both. If you can see both and connect with your FireStick and with VLC, probably your TV client is faulty or buggy

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