OpenVPN-as on Docker "LAN issue"

  • I have some problems with OpenVPN-as on Docker.

    The first time, i had configured the container in "bridge" under the network's settings.

    All works fine, but the other container in "macvlan" (like Pi-hole, for example) are unreachable.

    I've decided to try to configure OpenVPN-as in "macvlan" instead "bridge"; this time, all container in "macvlan" work perfectly, and i can reach or ping all client in LAN, but the only IP that result "unreachable" is the OMV's IP and all container in "bridge" or "host" mode.


    OpenVPN-as in "bridge":

    Private subnet:
    Server's IP: -> OK (Ping, SMB, ecc...)
    Pi-hole (macvlan): -> Unreachable
    Plex (host): -> OK

    Netdata (bridge): -> OK


    OpenVPN-as in "macvlan" (IP:

    Private subnet:

    Server's IP: -> Unreachable (No Ping, no SMB...)

    Pi-hole (macvlan): -> OK

    Plex (host): -> Unreachable

    Netdata (bridge): -> Unreachable

    Whats wrong? :/

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