going in circles backup sync need help

  • Hi, ok pretty new to this, I have been able to install OMV 5, Plex on a new server that I put together recently (not very familiar with LINUX). Created some shared folders on the server which I can access from all computers on my network, can assign rights/permissions as needed. I have attempted to use Rsync, USB Backup and Syncthing and I think I am getting it right in how to use and set up however I am not able to do the following. Can this be done. I have a few windows PC with specific directories which I want backed up (lets say Downloads/Documents/Desktop). The back up can be done once a week that is adequate for my use. I would like the backups to be visible on my new server in a specific shared folder. I have a directory on my shared drive already called Backup with sub directories for Downloads/Documents/Desktop. I have done the back up manually and looking to automate it. I believe I had synthing working however I could never see where the backup was located from my windows PC (I think it was sticking it somewhere else other than where I wanted of thought it would go). If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I feel I am almost there just missing one last bit to get me to my solution which I don't believe to be impossible.

    Essentially I have a very basic NAS with Plex running (OMV in one smaller hard drive, and 1 Large drive for backup). I have another back up system which I am going to move off site and each computer has its own internal backup drives. So I have some back ups in place already, just adding more. Once I solve this problem of backing up the computers, I hope to be able to backup photos from cell phone to the computers (which backup), then computer backs up to my new OMV server

    Hoping someone can help

  • I believe I had synthing working however I could never see where the backup was located from my windows PC

    You can use the "find" command to see where a specific file ended up. You have to use it from CLI.


    something like

    find -name *invoice* / will find all files with a name that contains invoice (case sensitive) starting from the /, so it will search all drives that are mounted.

    Which OS are your clients? In Windows you might be able to use the backup functionality from Windows to backup to a smb share.

  • Thanks,

    Source files/folders are all in Windows, yes might try windows back up.. sometimes I just make things too difficult for myself. will also try the search command to see if I can locate the folder. Once I get the folders backing up then next goal is to get photos/video from my cell phone backed up to my computers (hate doing it manually).

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