Luks encrypted device not showing up

  • So about a week ago I used the Luks plugin to encrypt a HDD. Now, when I go to the encryption tab to unlock my device, it doesn't show up. Any idea what can be causing this? The HDD still shows under smart and under file systems, it says missing.

    Case: U-NAS NSC-810
    Motherboard: ASRock - C236 WSI Mini ITX
    CPU: Core i7-6700
    Memory: 32GB Crucial DDR4-2133

  • I have the exact same problem. Everything was working fine untill I restarted the machine. Now the disks doesnot show up in encryption plugin. The disk is seen in 'disks' section. However status in the file systems for that disk is 'missing'.

    I am using OMV 5.x though.

  • +1

    Same here. Disk showing under "Disks" section, suddenly not no more under "Encryption".

    Happened only when I restarted OMV4.


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