Unable to access data after fresh installation of OMV

  • Hi All,

    I am new to OMV with no knowledge of linux.

    Untill now, I was using OMV having OS installed in a USB(16GB) stick with attached 3 HDDs as storage(Two-500GB and One-2TB).

    Few days back the Motherboard stopped working and has to replace with a newer one.

    Now, with newer hardware I installed the OS in a 80GB HDD with detached HDDs for storage(having data in it, from previous system). Installation was clean and everything is up and running fine. I did all updates, installed plugins and changed time zone etc. via web UI. I rebooted the system with attaching the HDDs.

    Now, I can see all four Devices(HDDs) in "DISK" tab and also can see the same "FILE SYSTEM" tab with USED portion displaying(in green bar).

    Now I see, two Devices are already "Mounted" and one Device is to be mounted. Any ways, I Mounted the third one as well.

    Created a user with privileges and then SHAREED the folders with the privileges and ACL.

    Enabled the Services SMB/CIFS with Shares.

    I can now access the Devices(Disk) to my Windows PC as usual but with "NO DATA" I had previously in the disk.

    I don't know where I made the mistake that I am which I had previously.

    Pls Help!

    Attached- screen shots



  • Are the shared folders pointing to the correct folders on the drive? Use the drop down menu to select the correct (existing) folder. Names are case sensitive, so it is easy to misspell.

    Did you give the user read/write or write access for the folders in privileges?

  • Thanks Macom for the reply.

    I got some success with the issue i have.

    As said I have three Disks as storage (Two-500GB and One-2TB). All of them having data in it.

    The 2 TB disk was mounted easily(no raid system applied earlier) and i can read and write data successfully.

    Now the issue comes with other two disks of 500GB each with Radi1 mirror array(/dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2) having data in it.

    When I am trying to mount the said Raid1, it gives me warning of wipe of all the data. Until I mount it and cannot share it.

    Pls help how to mount the raid system build earlier to system i build now.

  • Thanks for the reply....

    However I did not get any thing. The issue is, my both the 500 GB disks in Raid 1 Mirror array are fine and shows clean.

    I just want to mount it with data it has in it. Is there any specific way to do it.

  • However I did not get any thing. The issue is, my both the 500 GB disks in Raid 1 Mirror array are fine and shows clean

    I think there is some cross over here, two things are needed to confirm the array;

    cat /proc/mdstat and blkid without those any advice would be a waste of time.

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