12VSB 2.5a... 2.5a in standby for what?

  • If a power supply has 2.5a in standby at 12V, why would it need that much on 12V? I thought 3.3v at like ~0.3a was for standby, but now I'm curious as 2.5a seems like a lot, especially on the 12v.

    With OMV, if I put X sata drives in a box, would such a psu stay in standby if only 1 drive was active and say 7 are sleeping? The main reason I'm asking is that some of these psu's can be pretty loud... but in standby...

    Also, can SSD's get their 5v from the 12v bucked? I know an ATX gives 5v across the 5v obviously, but I've never tested an SSD to see if it can use the 12v if 5v isn't present.

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