Change mount point of unionfs

  • I do not know if the web GUI has this feature or not.

    But once you create the pool it should be possible to share the awkward mount point just like any other directory and you can name the share nicer there. You would probably need to install the openmediavault-sharerootfs plugin to do this.

    However, if you want to forgo using the plugin to create pools you can set it up by hand in fstab and you can use nice names there directly. This how I have been doing it.

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  • However the mount point at the CLI is /srv/{some long string of numbers} How I don't see anywhere in the web gui to set this to a nicer mount point name like /srv/fred-pool.

    You can't change it in the plugin. If you want a "nicer" mount point, create a symlink to /srv/fred-pool. There is a symlink plugin to do that from the web interface.

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