What is the importance of the motherboard?

  • Hello everyone,,

    I have built a few PCs now, but when choosing a motherboard I have generally gone for mid to low end. I just look for something that supports the components I want and that's it really. I have never really understood or seen the importance of getting a good motherboard. I have always thought the high end ones just include on board graphics which I dont need. Am I wrong about this, does the motherboard have a larger effect on a build than I think https://snaptube.cam/ 9apps?

  • Depends on the motherboard, really. There really is an element of "you get what you pay for" in terms of both features and hardware quality. If you have a higher end board, then it may well handle "neglected" conditions better, the driver support for onboard hardware is likely to be a little better, and you're probably less likely to experience crashes.

    The real difference though tends to lie in features. What does the board give you? A cheapo motherboard will work fine for the most part for just a basic NAS, but if you want to you can get a server-grade motherboard which will give you additional functionality, like remote administration/KVM access through IPMI, a far larger amount of drive connectivity, or additional CPU support (dual-socket). For consumer boards, if you go with, say, an A320 board over a B450 for AMD, I believe you have fewer PCIe lanes available in general for supporting drives, network cards, etc.

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