Lack of Unix Permissions in SMB3 Workaround?

  • (Posting in this forum since the underlying issue is with SMB3)

    For those who are unaware, the latest version of Samba doesn't support "Unix style" permissions or ownership when using SMB3[1] (which I believe is OMV's default now). This is a little irritating for those who have chosen Samba as the way to manage shared folders over their network, especially since this was possible with older versions (SMB1). The good news is that it's coming. At some point[2].

    It seems that NFS is the suggested alternative to share to Linux clients. This is a little awkward because 1) its nice to have the one protocol to share through and 2) NFS doesn't really have username/password style security, and instead anyone can access files if their UID and GID match the configuration. This is by design.

    As I increasingly move to Linux clients on my network, I'm wondering what the official OMV community sanctioned method of sharing files is. If you use SMB3, do you just live with the limited file permissions? Or if you use NFS, how do you manage users across clients while maintaining the integrity of the system?

    I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but I don't know what I don't know and search hits on the forum don't really go as far as suggesting any useful designs.

    [1]…/2017-October/211517.html - from 2017 but I think that's still the case.

    [2] - available in test code.

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