SMB recycle bin corrupted - how to repair or even just remove?

  • I toggled on the 'enable recycle bin' option on an SMB share. Now my Windows 10 client complains that the recycle bin on that share is corrupted. I tried just removing it by un-toggling in the OMV setting, which saved the change and shows not enabled. Yet the Windows client still insists it is corrupted. Honestly I don't care about keeping it on, I just want the Windows client to stop complaining about this. Any suggestions?

    (Yes, OMV 5 is completely up to date on patches so is the Win 10 client)

  • The default name of the recycle bin is ".recycle" and is located in the root of a share. Note that the folder will not appear until you delete a file.

    Do you have such a folder in the root of the share? If yes, then it should be possible to delete it by Windows explorer.

    Otherwise you can SSH in your OMV system and delete the folder from the command line level or with e.g. WinSCP.

    OMV 3.0.99 (Gray style)
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  • Thanks, unfortunately this seems to be a problem with the Win 10 client. I found and deleted the directory on the OMV server and it stayed gone until I opened recycle bin on the client. Then it suddenly reappeared on the server while the client popped up its complain that it is corrupt. Argh!

    I searched the registry on the client but can't find an entry. Recycle bin itself has no option to delete that particular bin.

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