Need help with setup

  • I’m looking to build a NAS for mainly file serving and maybe Plex later down the road. I plan on using 10G Nic cards for each computer with a 10G switch to increase transfer speed.

    Here’s my setup:

    Server case that can house over 12 drives

    16 GB memory

    Intel i5

    120 GB ssd

    240 GB ssd

    1 Tb hd

    4 x 4 Tb hd

    6 Tb hd

    How should I setup the drives for speed and redundancy? I’m fairly new to this stuff, and any help would be appreciated

  • First, I'm going to assume that the 120GB SSD will be the boot drive and the 240 might be for OS backup and / or for utility uses.

    I'd have to ask a few more questions such as, what are you going to store, primarily? When you say "file server", If video files are to be the bulk of your storage (Up to 1 or more GB per file), that might affect the way you may want to set it up.

    Do you want to use all disks, under a common mount point?
    Would you consider dividing them up? (4x4TB in one group, with the 1TB and 6TB in another?)

    To speculate and guess, you might benefit from SNAPRAID and Mergerfs. Both will work with dissimilar sized data disks.

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