upgrade OMV from 4 to 5 - Struck at Half Installation

  • I chose to update OMV from 4 to 5 and everything was acceptable until the web GUI slammed so I was currently eliminating OMV and reinstalling it and whenever I attempt I get the accompanying error(comes up when attempting to introduce OMV, cleanse the bundle, or reinstall the bundle): walgreenslistens

    Eliminating openmediavault-netatalk (4.0.7-1) ...

    /var/lib/dpkg/information/openmediavault-netatalk.postrm: 42:/var/lib/dpkg/data/openmediavault-netatalk.postrm: omv-mkconf: not found

    dpkg: blunder preparing bundle openmediavault-netatalk (- - eliminate):

    introduced openmediavault-netatalk bundle post-expulsion content subprocess returned mistake leave status 127

    Blunders were experienced while preparing:


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