shared folders that change link

  • Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum. I apologize in advance if anyone has already had the same problem as me. I have been using OMV5 for a very short time and I am very happy with it, I used an old Dell Optiplex740 pc with 6 hd 1 Tb in RAID5 and s.o. installed on 128gb SSD. I assembled it and made several tests without any problem.

    Then I decided to start using it "seriously" I moved it to the network where I have to use it, manually changing the static IP address and gateway.

    The nas still works, I see it on the net both from windows pc and mac. However, when I try to enter the folders, after a while the message "the drive is no longer available" appears ... I checked all the parameters and I realized that in the shared folders there are the access permissions have changed device connections.

    There is no more RAID, but the address /dev/disk/by-id/md-name-SERVER.local:Raid6HD appears

    If I go to modify it manually (as seen in the photo) I can normally access the folder and I can save, delete and / or modify all the files, until the next start. Yes, because when I turn off the machine and restart it I find these settings with these links. Has this ever happened to any of you and how can I fix it? Thank you


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