Problems with Corrupted data

  • I verified many files and at the end maybe 1 or 2 files are corrupted, because of they are in from many time so before the strange behavior...I'll pay more attention in the future when I'll store data on It.

  • Hi crashtest, after some days I can definitively say that the situation is absolutely NOT STABLE, infact not every time I check an archive I got no errors, some time I reboot, check and It's ok...CRAZY!!! Also, the machine is powered on H24, and sometimes I see kernel panic, PHP errors, ngnix errors...many many issues...

    So, I have absolutely avoid to use OMV under ProxMox for the moment, the problem is:

    - In this moment I don't have any other disks to store my data ( that I think is ok because sometimes I extract archives and all data is good )

    - I tryied with Knoppix but really not able to enable SMB at all, do you know any other Live CD like this more simple, that can mount my ext4 array?

    - I passed the disks directly from the Host, so I didn't assign the whole PCIe card to the VM, but the behavior is the same

    Any other suggestion? For me the best, with the actual situation, is to substitute OMV with another Linux distro that I can install as VM and share with SMB, hoping that everything will be ok...

  • - I tryied with Knoppix but really not able to enable SMB at all, do you know any other Live CD like this more simple, that can mount my ext4 array?

    Well, the good thing about a Live CD is that it boots complete. The bad thing about any live distro is that everything, beyond the supplied "canned setup", must be configured. (And it's volatile. Most config's won't survive a reboot.)
    With much of it being a question of Linux skills, the additional setup might range from simple to exhaustive. Any live distro, in theory, should be able to mount an mdadm array. There are several live distro's, among the more popular flavors of Linux, but I couldn't point you to one where I know that setting up SMB shares is a simple proposition.
    (Here's a search of "Live" Linux distro's at -> )

    Beyond the above:

    I don't think the problems you're having are going to be solved by running another Linux distro in Proxmox. OMV is a cut down Debian OS setup as a server. There's nothing about OMV that would make it incompatible with a hypervisor like Proxmox and, as noted, other users are running OMV as a Proxmox VM without issues.

    Here's the crux of the issue; a minor problem with hardware or even an issue with your current configuration of Proxmox could manifest itself in bizarre ways in a VM. As examples, if a PS is marginal or has a slightly dirty output, if a memory stick has a minor problem, etc., etc.

    I have an older server with server grade hardware, using ECC registered ram, Xeon processors and a server grade RAID controller (flashed to IT mode for running JBOD). That's the kind of hardware that should be used for running Proxmox or vSphere. Otherwise, as noted prior, if running OMV on consumer grade hardware, it's best to run it on bare metal, without the hypervisor layer. OMV's hardware requirements are light. Just about any platform with enough SATA ports could be used.

    Lastly, running a filesystem with checksums that can "scrub" your files will indicate if you're having data corruption problems. File systems like ZFS or BTRFS will indicate data errors. SNAPRAID is also a good choice for this purpose. SNAPRAID doesn't require reformatting existing data drives but you would have to add a drive for parity data. All of these work well with consumer hardware but running them with mdadm

    Since you have data on an existing array, I'd focus on getting data you want to keep onto a large external or, better yet, moved the array it's own platform.

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