Newb Raid Advice

  • Hi just about to build my NAS and after much research I have decided to go with OMV, it seems it will easily do what I need. I will be just using it as a plex server, handbrake and backing up my PC to. The drives I have right now are a 500gig M.2 for the os, a 4tb WD red a 3tb WD red, I also have a 4tb normal pc grade seagate. For this use would I be better adding the two reds as raid 0 and then sticking the 4tb in a caddy for doing backups of the important don't want to loose stuff. It seems to me after reading various posts that doing any other Raid just reducing the amount of storage I will have, but also need to do backups anyway as the Raid is not a back up solution. I don't mind buying more drives if it is considered necessary to do either raid 1 or even 10.

    Sorry if this has been asked many times, but I figured if I added what I was using it for I might get an answer suited to my user case.

    Many thanks for any help.

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