how can i reset the omv-backup version of borg

  • hi,

    i am trying to reset omv-backup. i used the borgbackup method. since i changed a lot i deleted the backup folder. now if i try to do a new backup (using the borg method again) i get only errors about the missing repo.

    how can i reset it or where is the config for the borg method so i can delete the references

    thanks in advance

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  • Hi,

    Config is inside backup folder so now your config and repo are gone.

    You should "borg init --encryption=none <path_to_backup_folder>

    change the encryption to something else if you want to have encrypted backup

  • i am talking about the omv-backup plugin. it has a borgbackup mode, where you don't have to setup anything. clearly the config is not in the deleted folder, because it remembers the old repo, which was in the folder.

    EDIT: eating my words.

    the command your gave me worked. strangely enough. thank you very much. there must be a secondary config folder where the infos about the repo are stored. otherwise i would not get a error message about the missing repo

  • If the borgbackup sub-directory in the shared folder you picked is deleted, it should do the borg init without needing the command line though -…/usr/sbin/omv-backup#L154

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