Snap Raid scrub in Openmediavault VM

  • hello everybody,

    I run an old dell server (t320) with a dell h310 raid card which i crossed flashed to IT mode.

    OMV runs as a virtual machine in proxmox. i passed through some disks to OMV but i did not do PCIe passthrough.

    so far i'm happy: backups to OMV seem fast enough and everything seems to be working smoothly except smart of course.

    i have read that on a virtualized freenas with disks passed in such a way scrubbing would do more harm than benefit because zfs is not talking to the controller directly, so i started to wonder if this could be the case with snapraid too, although i use ext4 and not zfs.

    So is it safe for snapraid to scrub on a passedthrough disk in a OMV Virtual Machine?

    Thanks in advance..

  • amigaoneit

    Changed the title of the thread from “Snap Raid in Openmediavault VM” to “Snap Raid scrub in Openmediavault VM”.

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