Resource limit matched (loadavg) after upgrading to OMV 5

  • Hello everybody!

    I did a upgrade from omv 3 to omv 5 theses days for two of my odroid HC's and configured them again the same way.

    They basically do (almost) nothing:


    - Exposing two shares with smb for 1 user / 2 clients

    - pushing the shares via rsync to NAS2


    - receiving the rsync push from NAS1

    - doing a local rsnapshot from the rsynced shares

    - exposing two shares for bare metal backups for 2 user / 2 client

    I had mail notifications also with omv 3 but never got messages regarding Resource limit matched I now get from NAS2:

    I wonder were this comes from? Any idea if it would be possible to set up a little logging or something which tells me the process which is running wild?

  • Go to system informtion -> Processes to view the top processes.

    But this works only if I monitor it all the time till it happens?

    I was wondering if there is a elegant solution which does this for me.... not thinking about even getting a mail saying process xyz needs 100% cpu cycles....

    The mail actually even includes a service but it is just the name of the nas and no particular process:

    Service: \nas2

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