Raid controller failure or bad disk

  • This is my first post no this forum so hello everyone!
    New 2xWD Red 3TB
    I have 2 sata controllers on my mainboard. External (on chipset Silicon Image Sil3132,) and onboard.
    I hae problems with disks:


    Cables are not wrong.
    I'm worried about this attribute:

  • Try the hard drives on another motherboard on the onboard sata ports and see if you get the same error. You want to isolate your problem to see if its the hard drives at fault.

  • I have used long sata cables with no issues. As long as you use cables within the spec your ok. To me it looks like a bad defective cable or hard disk. Isolate the component in question and try with other hardware. I have used hardware in the past that will just not work with certain motherboards for that reason all my motherboards are all supermicro. They are well built and last very long. For desktop use I just use a laptop.

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