Transmission not saving to a bind mount

  • So I'm entirely new to both Docker and Portainer, but I was successful at deploying a transmission container. I setup a bind mount to my mergerfs at /srv/c25335d1-c53c-4003-a255-e0b6d6ca053e mounted to /storage in the container. I started an LMDE iso torrent to test and everything looked good from the transmission webgui, but absolutely nothing was being written to the destination folder. In fact nothing was being written to any disk at all. df command showed no changes whatsoever whether looking at it from OMV directly through putty or through the console in the container. I tested creating a directory in the container console and that was successful and the logs don't show any issues. The memory stats do show the cache increasing proportional to the torrent download, so I guess it's being written to memory cache, but that obviously does me no good.

    help would be appreciated.

  • One of the most frequent problems with things like this is that the user the container runs as does not have permission to write into the bind mount location. Another is that the destination to write into is improperly specified in the application.

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    OMV AMD64 5.x on Chenbro NR12000 1U 1x 8m Quad Core E3-1220 3.1GHz 16GB ECC RAM.

  • Ok, I figured out the problem. It was downloading the torrents to /downloads/incomplete first before moving it to the bind mount. The default webgui doesn't have many of the configuration options.

    However I find that running transmission through docker, even with using portainer to be much more frustrating than the plugin from 4.x. Mainly because so very little of it is configured from the webgui and in the old plugin so much was.

    According to there are other webgui options: /transmission-web-control/, and /kettu/ but I'm not sure how to pass the parameter -e TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME= using portainer to try them out.

    Also, I'm not sure how to post a copy of my docker stack, In portainer I clicked add container and typed in linuxserver/transmission and it pulled everything and setup a default container.

  • For me the easiest way to set up a new docker is to go to go to and search for a suitable image (e..g get the docker-compose file

    make the needed changes and deploy it like desicribed here:

    [How-To] Use docker-compose files in Portainer

    I'm not sure how to pass the parameter -e TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME= using portainer to try them out.

    This is already included in the environment section of the docker-compose file.

    You could also add it in Portainer as environmental variable (that is what the -e stands for)

  • see my working transmission.yaml file:

  • Ok, ok. Now I'm getting it.

    Yeah going forward Docker is probably the best for most extra things we'd want to add to OMV, though I still feel a native transmission plugin that integrates in with the OMV gui would be a good idea. Having your NAS handle your torrents isn't something outside it's main wheelhouse. But as I'm not much of a programmer I gotta go with what I got.

    Anyway, everything is working nicely now. Thank you very much for the help.

  • Oh, I posted too soon. It seems that upnp isn't working. Is there a way to get that going, or do I have to open up the port in my router?

  • open a fixed port, you can change on yaml file or in dockerOMVGUI if needed

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