General Question Regarding the Remote Mount Plugin

  • I have a general question about the remote mount plugin. Does anyone know what would cause the remote mount plugin to change the guid of a remote server mount?

    I have an older Synology sharing large libraries of files (via remote mount NFS) to OMV, which I then use within docker containers in the path of /srv/GUID/share. In the past with OMV4, there were about 3 times where the GUID share path to those drives would change. No big deal, after figuring out why my dockers shares weren't working, I just went in and changed them to the proper path and everything was fine and dandy.

    I have yet to experience this with OMV 5 at all and it's been rock solid ever since I've upgraded.

    TLDR; Question: What would cause the GUID in the path of a remote mount (plugin) share via NFS to change? IE: /srv/GUIDchange/share?

    I was thinking it was an update somewhere, but I haven't been able to pin point it and because it was an easy fix to just redo the path to the share within docker containers, I just never bothered to pin point it.

  • Guid? I think you mean uuid. That number is assigned when the Fs is registered in the db. Which means when added and mounted. After that will remain the same number unless you remove the fs, which means taking the entry out of the db, which means un-mounting If it succeeds. Add it again it will be another number.

  • Ahh Yes, uuid. Thanks for correcting me there. Used to MS' acronyms, and I honestly never knew there was a difference! TY. :)

    I don't ever recall un-mounting the drive manually from the omv web admin. But I can't even remember how old I am half the time, so it wouldn't surprise me if I did and just didn't recall doing so.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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