Problem with union file system, my system enters emergency mode every time I restart

  • Hi

    I am currently using 4x8tb drives where they are all encrypted. Every time I add the drives to UFS and I reboot my server later my system enters emergency mode. I have fixed this by commenting out the drive lines in fstab, then after that my system boots. But then the UFS drives break.

    Its quite annoying that my server enters emergency mode because I have it at my parents house and I live a distance away. Its happened 2 times already.

    This is the solution I found to be able to boot again. But there must be a way not to break the UFS drives.…cy-mode-and-nothing-works

  • I have also a problem with this. I am running luks + snapraid and mergerfs.

    I did remove all the "x-systemd.requires" options from the union pools entry in fstab. Then the system is able to boot and I can unlock each encrypted disk manually in the web gui and the mergerfs pools is expanding when the disks are unlocked.

    The problem is that under "Union Filesystems" in web gui all the branches for the pool shows n/a but it seems to be working?

    Is there a more elegant solution for this? Maybe reload the branches after unlocking the disks? I do not want to modify/edit the existing pool because then I have to remove all the "x-systemd.requires" options from the union pools entry in fstab again...

  • If you insist on using the Union Filesystems OMV plugin then you get and take what it gives you. You can't permanently edit that stuff where the plugin places it in fstab.

    But if you configure your unions by hand by moving the statements outside of the openmediavault stanza in ftsab, then you can edit them to be the way you want them and they will stay that way.

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