NFS export of remote mount gives "mount(2): Permission denied"

  • What I would like to achieve:

    • there are 3 machines involved:
      • otherfs: here resides an SMB share that I mount remotely on omv and that I want to share using omv
      • omv: here I mount a share from otherfs using the Remote Mount Plugin, an I want to share a folder from this mount via NFS to client
      • client: on this machine i want to mount from omv using NFS the subfolder of the otherfs-share mounted remotely on omv

      I know the whole setup sound strange, but the requirements are special too, so I cannot have the client mount the share sirectly from otherfs.

    What did work so far:

    • mount the share from otherfs using SMB and Remote Mount Plugin on omv
    • verifying that the share mount works locally by finding the right path in /etc/fstab and visiting it and looking around
    • create a share on omv that provides a subfolder from the remotely mounted share from otherfs
    • setting the permissions for the share
    • export the share on omv using NFS
    • verifying that the export path in /etc/exports works locally by visiting it and looking around
    • checking with showmount -e that the export looks fine on omv and on the client

    Where I need help:

    • setting the ACL permissions does NOT work and runs into an error when trying to commit the change
    • mounting the NFS exports locally on omv or on the client:
      • manually mounting the export works for other shares on omv, but not for this one. using -vvv for mount shows that various versions are tried and then v3 on UDP produces:
        mount.nfs: mount(2): Permission denied
        This happens locally on omv, as well as on the client.
      • I verified that the share permissions are the same as for the other shares on omv.

    I have no idea why this happens, since the mount point work perfectly fine locally on omv.

    I would be very happy if someone could kindly point me in the right direction.

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