Plex Docker rights

  • Hi,

    I want to give Plex access only to my user test with docker plex .

    I created a user: test

    test is in the groups: users, sambashare,docker

    Access rights management:

    Privileges: test: read/write

    ACL: test= read/write

    Owner: root= RW and execute

    Group: users= RW and execute

    Other = None

    Replace = Check

    Recursice = Check

    My shared folder: backup

    In the console I see this rights

    drwxrws---+ 5 root users 4096 Oct 15 20:51 backup

    -rwxrwx---+ 1 root users for my avi file

    With plex interface, I see my folder backup but no media can't be found

    Plex docker

    test uid=1000 gid=100

    so PUID = 1000 and PGID=100 for the ENV.


    Anybody have an idea?



  • I would avoid using ACLs in OMV unless you know exactly what you are doing. Same thing with permissions manipulated in the OMV GUI.

    It isn't complicated. The vast majority of Plex problems are directly related to not having the proper permissions set on the files and folders such that user the program runs as has the correct access permissions. Wrapping Plex in Docker adds another opportunity to get this wrong.

    The user the docker container runs as must have sufficient permission to access the media files and folders, and the container config folder.

    This means at least read permission on your media files, read and execute permission on your media folders, and read, write permission on the directory that the /config docker container path is bind mounted into.

    Having the applicable media files and folders owned by root is not a good idea. You should have created a separate user for all this stuff.

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