Prevent DHCP with unconfigured network

  • I might be not understanding something very simple, but I need a bit of help navigating this "issue".

    I have a 6 port ethernet card in my OMV server. Ports 1 and 2 are configured as a bond, all of that is working fine. The rest of the ports on this card are NOT configured at all in OMV.

    I took a cable and plugged it into port 6 on the above network card, and plugged the other end into my switch (different VLAN if that matters), and the unconfigured interface on port 6 pulled an IP via DHCP (on the correct VLAN). I would expect since the interface is not configured for anything in OMV, it wouldn't actually pull a DHCP lease when the link went up. I actually don't want it to pull a lease in this case (going to pass it through to some VMs).

    I also tried defining the interface in the OMV UI, and setting the IPv4 and IPv6 settings to disabled, but that completely brought the interface down instead of leaving it up but disabling IPv4 and IPv6.

    Is this expected behavior? Is there a way to prevent this?

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