• can i only put OMV as the OS and boot up. I am 90% I can. but I base that on putting OMV on 2 Raspberry Pi3 and Pi4.

    is there a FYI to loading OMV on a blank laptop with no OS?

  • I am loading on to the laptop as I type. None of the Debian archive mirror sites are working, they all come up as errors. I believe the network connections is working

  • I am using the 5.5.11 amd64.iso flashed on to a usb. blank laptop. I insert the usb that starts easy and get to the Archive mirror selection where I need to choose the site that it is going to get the debian files and the loading program cant get the version stuff. So I guess I need to get an older version lower than 5.5.11 to hope that the debian sites can give the stuff that is specific to 5.5.11 to the flashed program to proceed. I am guessing that the debian sites dont have the files that 5.5.11 needs cause its to new of a version?

  • said it was finished loading and to pull the usb and restart. Did that and now it says Selected boot image did not authenticate.

    I need to get another older file from the site that maybe better for use on a blank laptop

  • using 5.3.9 now. The loading got to the DHCP ethernet configuration and again, it failed like usual again. I have the laptop still connected directly to the home comcast modem. So this time I told it to NOT set up the internet ethernet configuration now. I am passed the partitioning of the hard drive of the laptop. storing the languages and extra packages. Now on to the Finding a Mirror site in the config the package manager again as usual says BAD archive Mirror for all that I chosen across the USA.

    Why do the Mirror sites not work or is it that the instal configurator is not setting up up the ethernet correctly?

    Now I told it to skip the mirror, it says it will only set up minimally. Does this minimally load work on a laptop to enable OMV to run as the operating system on my laptop?

    System says it did not authenticate. No Good again

  • How do you set up an Ethernet connection? Again it is a home modem So I know the IP address of the modem 192.168.x.1 the modem can not give an IP address yet because the laptop ethernet is not connected and given an IP address. So how do I tell the OMV loading an IP address that is not established yet? I really think this is the problem why the OMV loading cant get the Mirror site.

  • Can you go into your comcast modem/router's portal and then DHCP server and see if it assigned your laptop's ethernet nic an ip address? it should list a mac address and ip address pairing that you can then compare to the mac of your laptop's ethernet nic to make sure that it was the correct device and NIC.

    This way you can confirm that the DHCP process completed.

  • YEs sir, thank you, I can get any data from the modem you need. and will reply.

    Just FYI, I get to choices to configure the internet connection:

    Ethernet wire or wireless, I have never yet clicked on wireless. So when I select Ethernet the OMV loading system runs and finishes and displays a new box or window called [!!] Config the Network and under it says Network autoconfig failed. I did not even give it anything yet to be clear. so it continues to say "your network is probably not using DHCP protocol. Alternatively, the DHCP server may be slow or somenetwork harware is not working properly." lol it is just a cable modem and I am obviously on the internet just fine.

  • So I have to use the Manual config and I bet you already know that. The first question OMV is what is the IP address of the device you are using? that is unknown because it doesnt set up auto. So I am going to chose an available ip Address

  • net mask of course


    Now it wants me to give it a name server looking that up to check in my other computer I am typing on now it is the same as the gateway (confirmed)

    Detecting link please wait........

    I anticipate and got passed it with out a fail or issue.

    Host name I left it alone "openmediavault

    left local alone

    password I entered xx

    reenter password xx

    getting time from server....


  • I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. DHCP is enabled as per your screen shot, and DHCP is pretty bullet proof. When it does not work, I would always start with the physical layer. Are you positive it is plugged in all the way on both the laptop NIC and on the comcast router side? Do you have a link light to show that you have a connection. Are you positive you cable is good. do you have another to swap in to make sure?

    I have only installed OMV 5 or 6 times, but I have always used DHCP till install was done, then I swapped it over to manual ip config.

  • your question- Do you have a link light to show that you have a connection. both the lights are on the modem(orange color), the laptop both orange and white are on.

    your question- Are you positive you cable is good. yes it was plugged in to another laptop earlier and working. all I did was unplug from working laptop connection and in to the OMV laptop. so I did not touch the modem connection and could see before and after the lights on the modem connection are the same as it was before on the working laptop.

    your question- I have only installed OMV 5 or 6 times, but I have always used DHCP till install was done, then I swapped it over to manual ip config.

    I tried the AutoConfig in this OMV it failed and then did the other option DHCP and then since OMV could not work those I had to do manual option to proceed with the OMV loading to the other steps I detailed kid of above

  • Once the install is done, you will know if DHCP was the issue, and if manual ip config was the solution! I hope you are right. Next you will likely find that you used up your 500GB drive for OMV install, but one problem at a time :)

  • So now I am on the page that need the internet connection and that is to config the package manager. OMV wants a HTTP proxy info (blank for none) it questions me. I leave it blank.

    it could not communicate with the mirror site I chose and replies to me with Bad archive mirror

    it suggests I can find additional details in the /var/log/syslog I do not know how to get that specific maybe

    not sure why it cut off the paste but broke it down to 2 cuts

  • You will not have an http proxy. That is typically for a corporate environment that does not provide a direct path out to the Internet.

    leave it blank is correct.

    If your laptop has a healthy network connection on your local network, you should be able to ping it from another system in your home. chose something also wired ethernet if possible.

  • MIMO errors are related to wireless connections, so thats not related to your issue.

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