• should I have left the usb in the laptop and hit enter so the OMV would continue with the USB in the laptop. I was afraid after I got the completed acknowledgement that like the OMV says do not leave the USB in while booting up.

  • I am now seeing an unknown device that is connected. That makes me think the damn hole for the ethernet connection or the ethernet device is failing. Maybe debris in the hole.


  • OK I just installed a fresh disk and put the latest OMV ISO on a USB boot. I told my bios to boot from USB and it did. I selected the language/KB option and it got to the point it attempts DHCP and I got a message it was successful and it is asking me for a hostname.

    At this point I can already ping the OMV system (by the DHCP assigned IP address, you can get that from your comcast router) from another pc on the same network.

    If you can't do the same, I would suggest that you have a cabling problem, or the NIC in your laptop might not be compatible with debian

  • OK, I repeated the install, this time with nothing plugged into my network port, to simulate what happens when there is no path to the DHCP server.

    The install proceeded as before, but instead of asking me for the hostname, I now got a notification that network autoconfiguration had failed.

    This lines up with what I suspect you saw.

    So, bad cable or maybe incompatible NIC still seem possible issues.

    I continued with the install choosing not to configure network at this time

    I then saw the bad mirror red screen, like you did. this seems expected when network isn't functional.

    I had to back out and not configure an archive mirror

    the install completed and I was prompted to reboot after disconnecting the installation media, so I did.

    It rebooted into OMV, so i logged in locally with root, then ran omv-firstaid, and chose option 1 to config network.

    At this point it listed my intel NIC, so I know that the driver loaded and the nic is compatible with debian / omv.

    I configured it to use dhcp with ipv4 and not to use ipv6 and then restarted it with the reboot command.

    I then plugged in the cable, 2 seconds later i got the two beeps letting me know that OMV had started correctly.

    sure enough I pinged it from another system and it responded correctly.

    If you can get into omv-firstaid it will tell you if the nic was loaded correctly, even if you dont have a cable connected.

  • Lastly, I managed to find a nic that the boot/install process does not support, (a realtek 2.5GB NIC)

    So I decided to try an install with that as the only NIC. Right away it told me it didn't find a compatible NIC and to chose the driver for the network card. since you didn't see this, I don't think your network card compatibility is the issue.

    The only way I was able to stimulate your issue was with an unplugged network cable.

    try another one, make sure its plugged in solidly, and into a LAN port on your comcast router.

    good luck!

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