Possible to have 100% open access via LAN i.e: permissionless ?

  • Considering getting Openmediavault or another such OS/NAS, but hesitant because of needing more info – so I’m hoping someone will answer my query here, please.

    Details 1st:

    I have a small home office & have been using Ubuntu Mate 18.04 as a file sharing box for about a year.

    Every so often it seems to have a belly ache & file permissions sort of go nuts, resulting in crashed document editing, lockfiles & hassles.

    There are only me & my assistant using this from our own desktop PCs to edit DOCX files, mostly.

    Before this system I had an older win2000 box for the file storage & XP as the desktop PCs OS and…

    File sharing was never any problem whatsoever – totally unrestricted.

    The problems we have now make us wish for ‘the old days’ !!

    My query, please:

    Is there any way by which I can deploy & setup Openmediavault to function with wide-open access to an entire partition with zero restrictions ??

    Thanks for any help !!

  • You really only need to make a single SMB share in SAMBA, it could be root of everything you access. You really don't need to open access to more of your server than that.

    PS there are changes on the client side as well. Windows 10 now, by default, disabled guest access over SMB2.


    I just have an id and password that I save on my windows 10 boxes, its easier than forcing the insecure options to work.

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