OMV 5 nginx in Portainer on Docker - How to use shared folder for web pages ?

  • I can not get this to work, and know i must be missing something simple ( likely lack of understanding on my part )

    Just upgraded Pi3 ( OMV 4 ) to Pi4 and installed OMV 5 ( technoDad video guides ).

    Have Docker running, and Portainer installed.

    Used 'Add Templates' to create a Container for nginx

    I need ( want ) to use an existing Sharedfolder ( www/ ) that I have on the HDD that was used by nginx on the Pi3 and contains my html and php files.

    How do I tell nginx to use that folder ?

    I also want to be able to access that folder from my win PC, which I can do as the www/ folder is a shared folder and listed in SMB

  • I simply can't find anything that tells me how to use nginx after installing a Container in Docker.

    Not even where to put the html / php files, how to access that folder, nothing.

    Looks like it may be a better option to scrap OMV 5 and go back to OMV 4 and use nginx as a plugin

  • something went wrong :

    ran this as a stack :

    seemed to install correctly, but ...

    when I browse to the IP from my PC ( ) then I get a page saying :

    Welcome to our server
    The website is currently being setup under this address.

    but when I go to the shared www folder, it contains my original pages ( including the original index.html page ) and not this page that I am seeing.

    There are no new files in the www shared folder

  • DaveOB

    Added the Label resolved

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