Error on configuration change (RPI)

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to install OMV5 on my raspberryr pi 3 and run adguard in container like in this tutorial . Unfortunately I need to change eth0 configuration from DHCP to static. When I'm doing this due to steps from this tutorial and saving changes I'm getting error like below. of course I'm reversing changes by clicking reverse button and after reboot OMV is dead. It's impossible to call cockpit etc.

    Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C.UTF-8; omv-salt deploy run --no-color systemd-networkd 2>&1' with exit code '1': NAS: ---------- ID: remove_systemd_networkd_config_files Function: Result: True Comment: file.find: [] Started: 10:45:33.382205 Duration: 13.576 ms Changes: ---------- file.find: ---------- ID: remove_empty_systemd_networkd_config_files Function: Result: True Comment: file.find: [] Started: 10:45:33.396927 Duration: 10.918 ms Changes: ---------- file.find: ---------- ID: remove_netplan_config_files Function: Result: True Comment: file.find: ['/etc/netplan/10-openmediavault-default.yaml', '/etc/netplan/20-openmediavault-eth0.yaml'] Started: 10:45:33.408931 Duration: 14.285 ms Changes: ---------- file.find: - /etc/netplan/10-openmediavault-default.yaml - /etc/netplan/20-openmediavault-eth0.yaml ---------- ID: configure_etc_network_interfaces Function: file.managed Name: /etc/network/interfaces Result: True Comment: File /etc/network/interfaces is in the correct state Started: 10:45:33.439469 Duration: 268.708 ms Changes: ---------- ID: symlink_systemd_resolvconf Function: file.symlink Name: /etc/resolv.conf Result: True Comment: Symlink /etc/resolv.conf is present and owned by root:root Started: 10:45:33.709286 Duration: 14245.811 ms Changes: ---------- ID: configure_netplan_default Function: file.managed Name: /etc/netplan/10-openmediavault-default.yaml Result: True Comment: File /etc/netplan/10-openmediavault-default.yaml updated Started: 10:45:47.956811 Duration: 117.962 ms Changes: ---------- diff: New file mode: 0644 ---------- ID: configure_netplan_ethernet_eth0 Function: file.managed Name: /etc/netplan/20-openmediavault-eth0.yaml Result: True Comment: File /etc/netplan/20-openmediavault-eth0.yaml updated Started: 10:45:48.076054 Duration: 325.883 ms Changes: ---------- diff: New file mode: 0644 ---------- ID: apply_netplan_config Function: Name: netplan apply Result: False Comment: Command "netplan apply" run Started: 10:45:48.403163 Duration: 959.865 ms Changes: ---------- pid: 23884 retcode: 78 stderr: /etc/netplan/20-openmediavault-eth0.yaml:5:20: Error in network definition: Invalid MAC address '', must be XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX macaddress: ^ stdout: Summary for NAS ------------ Succeeded: 7 (changed=6) Failed: 1 ------------ Total states run: 8 Total run time: 15.957 s
  • Nope, that's not the solution. I've made a clean install with raspi-config and enabling predictable network interface name. After adding ethernet connection everything is down and offline after "Ane error occured" message from OV5 without any log.

  • Try following:

    1. use a fresh image of rapbian os (no update/upgrade, no raspi-config)
    2. use the installation script to install OMV (network connection via LAN, not WLAN); should finish without issues
    3. update/upgrade
    4. do additional steps like changing from DHCP to static (if you cannot tell the router to always assign the same IP)
  • Finally I resolved a problem:

    First one was using OMV5 script from this video because it automatically creates interface eth0 which name is totaly different than my interface.

    Secondly after installation via SSH I managed to define new interface to early. It is possible to login into OMV before it's finished it's configuration steps.

    So, all in all absolutely my fault.

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