iscsiadm: No portals found

  • Hi Everyone,

    Installed OMV5 a few weeks ago, had a target setup and was accessing it on my main workstation which was KDE Neon 18.04

    I saw for OMV "updates available: yes" so I updated everything. I also upgraded my KDE Neon workstation to 20.04

    My client automount for the target stopped working and when I issue the command on the client: sudo iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p ip_addyofOMV I'm consistently getting iscsiadm: No portals found

    I issued on the client the command: sudo nmap -sT client_ip_addy/24 and I see OMV with the same ip address as before, the iscsi service is there, it's open and I'm able to ping OMV.

    I can't seem to figure out where I screwed this up.

    Any ideas where I can start?

    Thanks to the devs for this awesome OS, the plugins and that it's based on Debian.

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